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Breadfruit Chips

Breadfruit Chips

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Ingredients: breadfruit (98%), sugar, vegetable oil.

– Use directly without cooking
– Store in cool and dry place
– Keep it tight from opening

Packaging: 5-10 kg or customized

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Breadfruit is an underutilized traditional crop bred by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific. It is high in starch, protein, vitamins and minerals. A traditional crop with the potential to prevent hunger and mitigate diabetes in Oceania.

A single breadfruit tree can provide basic nutrition as fresh fruit and flour to sustain a family of four. A breadfruit tree lives 70–100 years with minimal input and can be grown as part of a sustainable agroforestry-based food system.


Products are made from fresh and delicious breadfruit in modern production line, ensured food safety, remain natural color and flavor. Don’t use additives in production process.

Specification: Moisture: <5%, crispy and a little sweet.

HACCP: TCVN 5603:2008

The breadfruit chips is crispy and tasty

fresh breadfruit chips

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