Since 2011, Tay Cat Co., Ltd was borned in the heart of the Mekong love.

Traditional products are the flame that lead us for first steps to bring the best Vietnam to both every Vietnamese and the world.

Sản phẩm chính của Tây Cát
Tay Cat’s main products

Our main categories: Vietnam traditional jam cake: banana jam cake, pineapple/ soursop/ mango jam scroll.

Tropical fruits scroll (Bánh chuối phồng)

TAY CAT strives to bring to our customers the quality products with traditional soul and in modern style. In every product, it doesn’t only contain the spirit of Mekong Delta – the heart of the countryside, but also the job for the farmers in their hometown. Anything more customers and we make a small contribution to the social good.

Come to us, try our products for verification.

Please join us for great Mekong Delta, for sustainable development of our Vietnam.

Dried banana
It’s dried banana under the sun.