Banana jam cake with peanuts 200gr - original receipt of Tu Bong
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Banana jam cake with peanuts 200gr

Banana jam cake with peanuts 200gr


Banana cake with peanut or banana cake for short is the first original product, made with the family recipe

Main ingredients: banana, ginger, sugar, peanut, white sesame, coconut milk, crispy cake

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Banana jam cake with peanuts is original receipt of product under the brand Tu Bong.

Main ingredients: ripe banana, peanuts, sugar, ginger, sesame, sticky rice cracker.

Ripe bananas are pressed and dehydrated and shredded, caramelized with other ingredients in aluminum pan on fire. Workers have to stir continuously so that dried bananas reach the necessary moisture, while sugar is not burnt. With the expertise from long time of working, the workers know when the process is best to stop, then spread on crispy cakes without machine checking. The mistake rate is about 5%. However, the workers in spreading step can detect mistakes from caramelizing step by fingers.

All the steps are carried out manually by hard-working employees with traditional experiences. Therefore, the shape of each banana jam cake with peanuts is not the same like industry products, each cake shape is unique.

Ripe bananas are sweet naturally, just a little sugar added to preserve the cakes. The banana jam cake with peanuts is comfortably sweet from natural banana.

dau phộng 220g

dau phộng 220g - 2

dau phộng 220g - 1

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Weight 220 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3.5 cm

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