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Rice Straws

Rice Straws

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Rice straw is perfect choice to replace plastic one on the market. Just do the small thing on your drink, you can help our planet. Rice straws are make from 100% high quality rice flour of Vietnam.

Rice straws are made from 100% rice flour in Mekong Delta. They are perfect choice to replace the plastic straws that have been harm our planet. Please check the benefits and our offer below:

Single Use – Designed to replace single-use plastic and paper straws, and disposable in an eco-friendly way after use.

All Types of Drinks – Hot, cold, room temperature, thick smoothies, soft drinks – our straws are suitable for all types of beverages.

Outstanding quality: We are always continuously improving our products to make sure they are the best quality ones on the market.

100% natural coloring

The beautiful colors in our straws are all natural and extracted from vegetables, so you never have to worry about chemical additives.

Frest Ingredients

Our straws use only the freshest rice flour, so you’ll never get a weird or off taste when you use them.

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On-Demand Customization

We are extremely flexible in our customization options for straws.  We can create virtually any color or size!

Shelf-life of 12 months – Long enough to enjoy any beverage throughout the year.

After use and disposal – Our straws will completely decompose in less than 90 days.

Various colors:  Colors bring more fun, choose the colors you like: Red, yellow, prink, blue, green, brown, … …

Two types of cut: Diagonal and straight cuts are the two most common types of cutting available.

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More sizes: Whether you sell pearl milk tea, coffee, smoothies or cocktails, we are the right size for you and your business.

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