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Papaya Chips

Papaya Chips

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Ingredients: papaya (98%), sugar, vegetable oil.

Method of drying: freeze then vacuum fried to make it’s crispy and tasty.

– Use directly without cooking
– Store in cool and dry place
– Keep it tight from opening

Packaging: 5-10 kg or customized

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Papaya is very popular fruit in tropical countries like Vietnam, that contains many kinds of vitamins. 100 g of papaya contains 74–80 mg of vitamin C and 500-1,250 IU of carotene. Papaya also has vitamins B1, B2, enzymes causing enzymes and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Eating papaya regularly has a tonic effect on blood, helping to recover the liver in people with malaria. Due to its high levels of vitamin C and carotene, papaya has an antioxidant effect, increasing the body’s resistance.

papaya chips

Products are made from fresh and delicious papaya in modern production line, ensured food safety, remain natural color and flavor. Don’t use additives in production process.

Specification: Moisture: <5%, crispy and a little sweet.

HACCP: TCVN 5603:2008

It’s really tasty chips for young people who wanna enjoy a busy day with this kind of fruit chips.

fresh papaya

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