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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

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Available coffee beans:

  • FINE ROBUSTA: 600kg (10 bags, 60kg per jute bag)  – Natural Process
  • High Quality ROBUSTA: 5.100kg (85 bags, 60kg per jute bag) – Natural Process
  • SPEACIALTY ARABICA: 3.000kg (50 bags, 60kg per jute bag) – Washed process

This volume will increase every year.

Our main product is the best Robusta coffee, originating from Vietnam’s preeminent coffee regions. Such as Daklak, Lam Dong, Gia Lai… These are fortunate areas with abundant basalt soil, good mechanical properties, high water holding capacity and nutrient absorption, the average porosity of the soil ranges from 62 to 65%.

Vietnam coffee


First of all, we will share 3 important standards to make high quality coffee bean:

  • Only collect and harvest 100% ripe cherries
  • Control fermentation process
  • Control drying time

may rang ca phe

Depending on weather conditions, coffee variety, purpose of products line we would to be, we will decide to which processing method is the best.

The three most popular methods of processing coffee around the world are natural, washed and honey. Natural processed coffees are dried inside the cherry before being hulled and milled. Washed (or wet) coffees are pulped and then fermented to remove the mesocarp (also known as mucilage) layer before being dried and milled. Honey processing bridges the gap between wet and natural coffees; the coffee cherry is pulped and then dried with the mucilage layer still left on the parchment.

Ca phe trai chin
RITACHI COFFEE được làm từ 100% hạt cà phê nguyên chất

We supply quality Robusta coffee beans with 3 types processing as above with detail specification:

Robusta Coffee beans (Clean, Honey, Fine/ Premium/ Specialty)
  • Moisture: 12.5 % max
  • Foreign matters: 0.5% max
  • Broken: 2.0 % max
  • Black bean: 0.4% max
  • Screen 18: 90% min
  • Packing: jute bag (net 60 kg)
Roasting to make high quality coffee
Instant  Coffee Method of drying:

  • Spray dried
  • Freeze dried

Flavor/ mixed: classic (just coffee, no sugar), milk,  cream, coconut milk, durian or other additives

  • Instant 3 in 1 blend
  • Flavorful & aromatic
  • Quick & easy to brew
  • Enjoy on the go
  • Make life simple

Cà phê trái chín

This year, qualities available and volumes: 600kg (10 bags, 60kg per jute bag) for FINE ROBUSTA, Natural Process 5.100kg (85 bags, 60kg per jute bag) for High Quality ROBUSTA, Natural Process 3.000kg (50 bags, 60kg per jute bag) for SPEACIALTY ARABICA, Washed process.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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