Pineapple roll (pineapple jam pie)

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Pineapple is a definitive fruit and nutritional source of the tropics. We used to wander: Is there another way to eat pineapple aside from the familiar traditional ways?

Taking the advice of our university seniors, and after a lot of trials, we created a type of pineapple roll combined with our crispy cake, and we called it the pineapple roll (pineapple jam pie).

Main ingredients: pineapple, sugar, coconut milk, crispy cake

Ripe pineapples are peeled, chopped, washed and mixed with our formula. Afterward, they are caramelized on fire to make a condensed mixture, that can be spread on crispy cake then rolled. The mixture is dark yellow after caramelizing.

In the caramelizing step, workers have to stir continuously so that dried the mix reaches the necessary moisture, while sugar is not burnt. With the expertise from long time of working, the workers know when the process is best to stop, then spread on crispy cakes without machine checking. The mistake rate is about 5%. However, the workers in spreading step can detect mistakes from caramelizing step by fingers.

All the steps are carried out manually by hard-working employees with traditional experiences. Therefore, the shape of each cake is not the same like industry products, each cake shape is unique.

With the pineapple roll (pineapple jam pie), we can grab and enjoy right away the typical taste combined from pineapple and coconut milk. The roll is a little sour, mixed with sweetness from sugar.

Pineapple Jam cake, bánh mứt khóm dứa

Pineapple Jam cake, bánh mứt khóm dứa


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